PiRA for Scotland

PiRA for Scotland

Progress in Reading Assessment for Scotland

Termly tests designed to identify gaps in learning, assess attainment, track termly progress and benchmark performance in reading against averages from thousands of pupils.


Close the attainment gap and develop
your pupils' confidence and success in reading

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Identify gaps in learning, generate tailored interventions to inform future teaching and create successful and confident learners with PiRA (Progress in Reading Assessment) for Scotland. All whilst assessing attainment, tracking progress and benchmarking reading performance against averages from thousands of pupils.

  • Tailored to work alongside the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

  • Identify pupil strengths and weaknesses and access 'next steps' intervention activities.

  • Diagnostic gap analysis to track attainment and progress in all pupils, including those who are PEF funded.

  • Predict the performance of your P1 and P7 pupils using the data that's been collected from thousands of children​.


Feature How does this benefit you?
Three termly assessment papers from Summer P1-P7. Identify strengths and weaknesses of pupils from term-to-term.
Strands reflect Scottish literacy benchmarks: Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation and Tools for reading.  Enables reporting that aligns with the terminology used int he CfE literacy benchmarks, allowing quick follow-up actions based on outcomes.
Targeted interventions for each termly paper. Access tailored learning sequences for individual pupils and groups, saving you heaps of time.
Free online marksheets and reports. Save time identifying gaps, tracking PEF funded pupils and reporting on progress towards closing the attainment gap.


PiRA for Scotland comes with FREE access to MARK, our online assessment and reporting tool trusted by over 6,000 school across the UK.

  • Quickly analyse gaps in learning to inform targeting teaching.

  • Enter paper assessment course into the online marksheets.

  • ​Effortlessly generate reports for individuals, classes, groups, schools and tailored groups to view and compare pupil progress and attainment​​.

  • Easily download visual reports that can be shared as PDFs with teachers, senior leaders, governors, parents and inspectors.

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Here's what Chris Gallagher, Principal Teacher at Corpus Christi Primary School in Glasgow, thinks of PiRA for Scotland

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Targeted interventions for PiRA for Scotland

A 3-step solution designed to help you seamlessly assess understanding, identify knowledge gaps and deliver targeted individual and group intervention activities for the areas of weakness demonstrated in your pupils’ diagnostic test results..

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How much does PiRA for Scotland cost?

Our pricing is simple. It's £18.75 per 10-copy pack of termly papers for each year group.


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