New Salford Sentence Reading Test

New Salford Sentence Reading Test

Authors: Colin McCarty and Marie Lallaway

Provides three parallel forms, gives standardised scores as well as reading ages, includes an optional new measure of reading comprehension, and extends the test ‘ceiling’ for less able readers to 13+.


  • Three parallel forms enable closer progress monitoring, with additional sentences to sharpen the assessment focus at both ends of the age/ability spectrum
  • New comprehension questions allow you to assess understanding as well as reading accuracy
  • Facilitate scoring, diagnostic analysis and monitor progress with the Record Sheet
  • The essential simplicity of the test is unchanged – the test can take as little as 4 minutes per pupil
  • Recommended by Catch Up for measuring the impact of interventions 
“I enjoyed administering the test and loved the chat with the children. Putting the reading and comprehension together was quite an eye-opener.” 
~ Sue Morgan, Head of Infants and SENCO, LMDC Primary School
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New Salford Sentence Reading Test
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