Diagnostic Reading Analysis

Diagnostic Reading Analysis


Individually assess the reading accuracy, comprehension and fluency/reading rate, plus comprehension processing speed for less able readers from 7 to 16.


Diagnostic Reading Analysis (DRA) is an oral, one-to-one standardised test to accurately assess your less able readers.

The brand-new edition of DRA was fully re-standardised in 2019, and trialled with over 1,000 pupils across the country. All of the texts in this edition support the 2014 National Curriculum, and four new upper-level reading passages have been added to extend the test ceiling.

What factors does DRA assess?

  • Reading accuracy
  • Reading speed
  • Reading comprehension
  • Comprehension processing speed
  • Single word reading accuracy
  • Reading age
  • Comprehension age
  • Single word reading age
  • What do schools use DRA for?
  • To provide standardised measures of a pupil's reading ability.
  • To measure progress by re-testing with the parallel forms following an intervention programme.
  • To help create a pen portrait for pupils who may need special arrangements, such as additional time in National Tests.

Please be advised that orders of Diagnostic Reading Analysis are restricted to schools/institutions only. Please supply an institutional address when you place your order as we are unable to fulfil orders with a private address.

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Diagnostic Reading Analysis (DRA)
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