Access Mathematics Tests

Access Mathematics Tests

AMT (Access Mathematics Tests) 2nd Edition

*2018 Edition* - updated test papers and manual PLUS interactive tests

A quick standardised maths assessment suitable for a wide age and ability range


  • Two sets of parallel forms (Test 1, Forms A & B, and Test 2, Forms A & B) allow quick and reliable repeat testing to measure the impact of interventions. 

  • Ideal for screening and using as a baseline test and for subsequent progress monitoring using the parallel forms. 

  • Suitable for individual and group testing to diagnose strengths and weaknesses.

  • Appropriate for use with pupils aged 7 to 16+.​

What's new in the 2018 edition?

  • Manual includes up-to-date language 

  • Case studies include information on how to analyse the data effectively

  • Guidance covers how to get the best out of parallel forms

  • FREE online reporting enables you to easily identify areas for improvement


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