Meet the Connecting History authors

Helena Anderson is a History and Modern Studies teacher who has taught a variety of SQA courses and is also an experienced marker at Higher. Helena takes a keen interest in connecting current affairs to historical themes.   

Helena Anderson - Connecting History author

Michèle S. Duck is a History and Modern Studies teacher who has taught, implemented and coordinated History courses across the SQA, IB, IGCSE, and CBSE exam boards. At the core of her teaching pedagogy is a desire to foster a critical curiosity about the stories in the past and to keep History accessible, representative and relevant in the 21st century.

Michele Duck - Connecting History author

Euan M. Duncan has over 10 years of teaching experience in Scottish schools. He has worked with the SQA since 2012, as a marker, team leader and senior team leader. He has taught all levels of History in senior school, including day and boarding schools, and has previously produced resources for Education Scotland.

Euan M. Duncan - Connecting History author

Alec Jessop has over 10 years of experience teaching History and is an experienced SQA marker at Higher level. Alec has previously worked as a peer reviewer for Education Scotland, producing Social Studies resources.

Alec Jessop - Connecting History author

James M. Stewart has more than a decade’s worth of teaching, examining and writing experience in a variety of roles throughout Scotland and international schools.

James M. Stewart

Eleanor Trevena is an experienced classroom practitioner with many years of experience presenting pupils at all levels. Eleanor has taught a wide range of History topics, including the Atlantic Slave Trade. She is a co-author of BGE S1–S3 History: Second, Third and Fourth Levels.

Eleanor Trevena - Connecting History author
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