Philip's School and Children's Atlases

Published in association with The Royal Geographical Society. 


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Philip's Junior School Atlas

(Hardback: £9.99, Paperback: £8.99)

Foster essential geographic skills with the 11th edition of the market leading atlas for pupils aged 7-11.

Philip's Junior School Atlas

  • Provide an excellent introduction to mapping concepts such as scale, direction, symbols, longitude and latitude. 
  • Cover topics such as mountains, rivers, climate and weather, population and cities, farming and fishing, industry and energy, transport, tourism and conservation with thematic maps. 
  • Teach key map reading skills with a completely up-to-date and fully revised junior atlas. 
Philip’s Children’s Atlas

(Hardback: £12.99)

Bring geography to life for children aged 7-12 with clear maps and fascinating facts, providing essential geographical information for your students.

Philip's Children's School Atlas

  • Teach children to use maps and encourage the early development of map skills with guidance at the beginning of the atlas. 
  • Suitable for use at home or school with guidance for parents and teachers included. 
  • Illustrated with interesting full-colour photographs and packed with fact boxes, curiosities, flags, quiz questions, puzzles and activities, Philip's Children's Atlas is both fun to use and easy to understand. 
  • A past winner of the Geographical Association's award for making a significant contribution to geography, Philip's Children's Atlas was judged "an excellent 'all round' children's atlas with simple yet well-designed maps, well-illustrated with colour photographs. It links places to issues, events and real people, giving a clear sense of place." Now in its 16th edition. 


Philip’s Infant School Atlas

(Hardback: £8.99)

Help pupils aged 5-7 to discover the world around them with an essential, bestselling atlas covering Key Stage 1 in an accessible and fun way.

Philip's Infant School Atlas

  • Show children the world today with 50 pages of clear, child-friendly maps.
  • Bring countries to life with stamps, flags, illustrations and photos.
  • Encourage reading skills with bold text, simple words and short sentences.
  • Cover Geography, History, Science, Citizenship and Literacy requirements for Key Stage 1 pupils.



(Hardback: £12.99, Paperback: £10.99)

Scour the globe using Britain's best-selling school atlas, now in its 100th Edition, and updated to reflect the latest changes in the curriculum. 
Suitable for Key Stage 4, GCSE, A-Level, Scottish National Qualifications/Highers and International Schools. 

Philip's Modern School Atlas

  • An unbeatable combination of highly detailed physical mapping backed up by numerous tables and enlightening up-to-date thematic maps across a wide range of themes.
  • Explore and explain all the key aspects of geography from volcanoes and earthquakes to population trends, languages and religions, in the World Themes Section.
  • Learn how satellite imagery is used to interpret global, environmental and urban patterns of change with a special section of the atlas. 
  • Country-by-country statistics on population, land use, trade, tourism, energy, wealth and much more.
  • Essential learning including political, physical, climate and thematic mapping. 



(Hardback: £9.99, Paperback: £8.99)

Philip's Essential School Atlas has been specially created for lower-secondary geography students and is ideal for work at Key Stage 3 and leading up to GCSE and National Qualifications.

Philip's Essential School Atlas

  • Carefully designed, uncluttered and easy-to-read maps, containing specially selected place names and detail. 
  • Ensure learning of basic atlas skills with a clear set of symbols and scale information accompanying each map, and a useful introductory section including aerial photographs and satellite images to further explain particular features on the maps. 
  • Fully updated, containing a 16-page UK and Ireland section and a 62-page World section.
  • Contains detailed regional maps, charts and satellite images of Europe, Italy, the Middle East, China, Japan, Kenya, USA, Brazil, the Arctic and Antarctica. Also focussing on areas of special interest for geography students such as Japans volcanoes and earthquakes, conservation in Kenya and water supply in the USA. 
  • Includes an index with latitude and longitude co-ordinates as well as figure-letter references.