Literacy for CfE

Literacy for CfE

New books from Jane Cooper and Rachel Alexander

Helping you to close the attainment gap

  • Grammar for Literacy
  • Vocabulary for Literacy
  • Available in paperback and eBook formats
  • Supporting pupils from BGE through to Senior Phase
Grammar matters

Understand how to use and structure language correctly to make your meaning clear.



Includes coverage of parts of speech, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs and spelling.

Words are powerful

Enrich your vocabulary and you will be able to speak, listen, read and write more effectively.



Includes coverage of inclusive language, decoding words, easily confused words, groups of words and new words.

About these books

Grammar for Literacy and Vocabulary for Literacy equip pupils with the building blocks for success in exams, coursework and adult life, and facilitate literacy development across the curriculum.

Both books guide pupils through simple explanations, strategies, progressive activities and revision tasks.

> Understand the essentials. Key concepts that pupils need to remember are introduced in 'explanation' boxes.

> Put theory into practice. 'Building', 'Strengthening' and 'Extending' tasks enable pupils to apply their knowledge and skills, through a mix of solo and group work.

> See the big picture. 'Crossover' boxes make links to prior and future learning, cementing pupils' knowledge and skills.

> Avoid common errors. 'Mistake' boxes contain examples and tips to ensure that pupils get it right in their own writing and speech.

> Check and consolidate. Revision tasks can be used flexibly for classwork, homework or assessment.

Both books are available in paperback and eBook formats

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Take a look inside

Take a look inside

See the contents lists and some extracts from both books.

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