Hodder Education

Who are we?

Hodder Education is more than a creator of quality content, product and services. For over 150 years we have worked closely with educators, academics, awarding bodies, partners and learners to design and deliver focused, accessible, flexible, pedagogically robust solutions to help teachers to teach and students to learn, wherever they are in the world.

We are part of Hachette UK and have a unique independence in the market that enables us to give our attention to the most important element within our company – you; schools & colleges, teachers, learners, parents and caregivers. 

Our story began in 1868, when Matthew Hodder and Thomas Stoughton founded a publishing company in London, focused on books that would inspire and educate readers. This same focus continues. Today we are committed team of specialists who continue to put our customers and their needs at the core of our company, using research, data and customer insights to innovate, enrich, inspire and educate. 

Our solutions are delivered in flexible ways (print & digital) to suit different teaching and learning approaches and we have a renowned Professional Development programme to help teachers to continue to grow and develop, with workshops and training, alongside support from our John Catt range of books, directories, educational guides and magazines specifically aimed at forward-thinking schools.


How do we support you?

Schools & Colleges 

We work in over 140 countries with local teams to support you at all stages, from understanding your needs and suggesting solutions, to onboarding, ongoing customer support and tailored Professional Development; where we provide a huge range of pedagogical guidance and skills development as part of our programme or as a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements. We want to enable you to spend your time sharing your expertise with your learners, and giving you the insights you need to focus.

At a glance: 

  • We are a leading provider of assessment solutions for 4-16+ year olds; available as both print and digital, to suit your school and your learners. Our assessments are used in thousands of schools and we have a loyal base of customers who find the insights invaluable
  • We support curriculum-based teaching and learning product solutions for ages 4-11 plus Key Stage 3, Common Entrance, 11/13+, PreTests, GCSE, IGCSE, Nationals, International Baccalaureate, O Level, A Level and Highers alongside numerous vocational qualifications. We also create specific solutions for both the Caribbean and Singapore.
  • We have an unrivalled Professional Development programme delivered online or in person, covering numerous skills and pedagogical approaches alongside bespoke training and books from John Catt, a leading publisher of education-focused thought-leadership books. 
  • We have ready-to-go options that you can start using straight away and also create bespoke and tailored options too. 


Parents & Learners

We can help you to support your children throughout the different stages of their education journey; making learning accessible for all.

At a glance: 

Ages 3-11

Reading: You can help your child to learn to read and enjoy reading for pleasure with our Reading Planet books and ebooks. The books are focused on the world today, ensuring that every child can see themselves, and their life, reflected in stories. This is proven to foster reading enjoyment as well as progression. 

SATs support: SATs can be stressful for parents and learners; but there is a different way. Achieve SATs support helps to make learning fun both at home and in school. Over 87% of schools surveyed said Achieve had helped them improve their results and by using Achieve at home you can help your child to feel confident.
11-19 and beyond… 

We have a whole host of revision support to help learners to practice and prepare for examinations and tests, covering qualifications from all the leading awarding bodies including AQA, Edexcel, OCR, International Baccalaureate. Cambridge Assessment International Education, WJEC, Eduqas, SQA, City and Guilds CCEA, CXC, NCFE and more. You can browse the print and digital resources here and we have a Parent Hub that gives you useful info and handy tips to help you to navigate through exam preparation.

Our eBooks are a cost effective, environmentally friendly and practical solution to home learning too – a few clicks and then you’ll be able to access the eBooks immediately. 

Considering entrance exams for Independent and Grammar schools? Created in conjunction with Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB), our handy guide answers all your question and directs you to focused practice and revision resources to help your child to be prepared. 
Our range of solutions extend out to vocational subjects where we have a range of print and digital solutions to support a wide range of subjects, courses and qualifications. 

Talk to us!

We are always happy to talk (or email!) so please do get in touch. We welcome:

  • Feedback (the good and the ‘could do better’)
  • Ideas for new products and solutions
  • Questions and conversations to find out how we can help support your teaching expertise
  • Queries about getting the most out of something you are already using 

Hodder Education is the Home of Education and everyone is welcome. 

Our history

Our focus on customers has meant that as the global education landscape changes so have we, bringing in additional expertise and solutions to help us support teachers and learners at different stages and in different places.

Hodder Gibson

Founded in 1880 by Robert Gibson, the company became part of Hodder Education in 2002. We are still focused on providing tailored support for teachers and learners in Scotland, now published under the Hodder Education brand.

Philip Allan Publishers Ltd - 2006

Philip Allan was the original home of our GCSE and A level magazines, which are available in print and digital formats, and also delivered our first Professional Development programme delivering teacher workshops and student revision. Philip Allan resources are published under the Hodder Education brand.

Galore Park – 2013

Founded by Nick Oulton Galore Park focused on entrance examinations for Independent and Grammar schools. These practice, revision and textbook solutions are updated and available today, now published under the Hodder Education brand. 

Rising Stars – 2015

Founded by Andrea Carr, Rising Stars had an innovative and customer-focused approach to supporting curriculum and assessment teaching within primary schools. Shortly after Rising Stars joined Hodder Education we launched the ever-popular Reading Planet scheme. Rising Stars resources are now published under the Hodder Education brand.

Singapore - 2017

Singapore’s education system is known for its academic rigour and distinctive approach to learning. In 2017 we added a range of resources our portfolio to support the Ministry of Education and the supplemental market.

Teejay – 2019

Tom and John Strang, created Teejay Publishing in 1994 aimed at supporting maths learning in Scotland. Their innovative approach proved popular and Teejay soon became the leading provider of maths resources in Scotland with over 95% of schools loving the quality and approach. Since the Teejay series joined Hodder Education we have expanded into supporting English in Scotland too.  You can browse Teejay resources here.

Illuminate Publishing - 2021

Founders Rick and Clare Jackman and Peter and Saskia Burton created a successful and distinctive list of resources to support UK qualifications, focused on WJEC and key A-Level subjects. With key authors, such as Cara Flanagan the resources, now published by Illuminate from Hodder Education continue to thrive. 

John Catt - 2021

John Catt is the most recent addition to Hodder Education. A leading publisher of education-focused thought-leadership books John Catt from Hodder Education creates books, directories, educational guides and magazines specifically aimed at forward-thinking schools.